Drag Memorial


The best journeys in life include memories of those

people that walked the path before us.

This Drag Memorial registry of entertainers

has just started on its own path,

and every day it is open for you,

to include names we have missed.

We ask for your attention to help us fill in the gaps,

to honor their presence,

and to remind people that everyone in this

craft belongs to one and another,

and we should remember them always.


If you have a loved one or friend you would like added

Please forward as much info as you can

Born Name and Stage Name,

Date of Passing, Date of Birth, Places worked or known,

Images preferably In and Out of Drag.

Thank You.

Miss De Ja Vous

(Adrian (Ada) James)

Candy Dubarry

Danny La Rue

Dockyard Doris

Frank Foo Foo Lamar

Joan Rivers Tribute

( Jaydon Knight )

Klitty Liquor

Lady Wincey

Miss Dusty Diamond

Miss Chiffon

Miss Tammy Pax

Miss Petra Fyde

Miss-ter Billie Pet Clarke

Mr Terry Durham

Mr Bunny Lewis

Paul Ashworth

Stella Show Içmeler

Tranny Robert Candy Booth

Tara Ash Barber

Terry Knight

I have been your official INTERNATIONAL drag historian since 2007 with a long proven record to display sincerity. I created DRAG411 International to assist HIV/AIDS families. We are the world's largest organization for male and female impersonators with over 10,000 members in 32 countries. After I formatted each DRAG411 book, I donate the entire project in full to The Joshua Tree Feeding Program (www.JTFP.org) in the drag community’s name to provide groceries for HIV/AIDS families each week for over 25 years. I promise with your help, to fulfill my mission until the day they add Wynter Storm to this list (along with my on). Wynter Storm is the fictitious female impersonator and character in most of my charity plays. ANYONE MISSING? Send me their real name and their name as an entertainer to this facebook page.

Thank you,

Todd Kachinski-Kottmeier

or simply Google: Infamous Todd